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CV Design

CV Design includes re-organizing the content, editing the text and making a visual version of the CV as well as a text version of it.


Client: A Professional Basketball Coach Damion Dantzler

I created a new CV for a professional Basketball Coach Damion Dantzler. Mr. Dantzler’s old resume content was re-organized, and I designed him a new text version of it as well as a visually designed version.


Visual CV

The end product is a visually appealing and easy to scan modern CV, it’s now only one page long. Even though Mr. Dantzler has an impressive experience in his industry his old CV was a bit messy and hard to perceive for the reader, also it was five pages long. Click here to see the old version.


Traditional Text version of the CV

I also produced a traditional text version of the CV. We started by reorganizing the content, and I made a layout more approachable and easy to read for the reciever. The text version of the CV is now two pages long, click here to see the text version.


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