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Marketing Material Design such as flyers, stickers, roll-ups, business cards, stickers etc. | Creative & Digital Designer Anna Keski-Kohtamäki - Kay Kay Design - Anna Keski-Kohtamäki Tmi


Marketing Materials for Wowanders

Wowanders Ltd is a startup working on an AI powered Travel Diary app. I designed layouts for their marketing materials.


Client: Wowanders Ltd

I worked on e.g. flyers, roll-ups, stickers, business cards and Keynote presentations. I drew design drafts and the final designs for the materials to be printed out. The ideation and copywriting of the materials we did together as a team with the client.


Flyer design

I designed layouts for couple of different flyers (A6) to be used in different occasions. I worked on the drafts and the final designs. My client participated in copywriting the materials.


Roll-up Design

I worked on designing few roll-ups to be displayed in different venues (e.g. in a hotel lobby and an industry fair). As a team we ideated and copywrited the roll-up messages.


More Flyer Design

Wowanders had a co-operation with Clarion Hotels. I draw design drafts and the final designs for these flyers (A6) that were handed out at the hotel lobby. My client participated in the copywrite of the texts.


Sticker Design

We made round stickers (38 mm) to be handed out at industry events and to our piers.


Wowanders’ visual identity is made by Red and Blue.

I have also worked on UX & UI Design for Wowanders app. Check it out here!


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